Dzhokhar Tsarnaev hiding in Watertown boat.

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Why i'm such a cold hearted person


People constantly tell me that i’m cold. Well, hell yeah I am and i’m not ashamed to admit to it. I truly don’t give a flying fuck about who lives or who dies. I don’t give a damn if someone is in pain. I truly DO NOT CARE! I do my own thing and give no thought to what other people do.

I did…

Man carjacked by Boston Marathon bombers can’t forget ordeal

‘Danny’ spent 75 harrowing minutes being held at gunpoint by Tamerlan Tsarnaev. ‘I’m still the same person,’ he says.

Life has mostly returned to normal for the Chinese man held hostage by the Boston Marathon bombers. Known only as “Danny,” the entrepreneur no longer has reporters camped out in front of his home. But he will not soon forget the terrifying ordeal that occurred one year ago.“I’m still the same person,” he told the Boston Globe. “Even though this happened to me, it doesn’t change anything. Sometimes when I look back, I feel it’s not my story, it’s somebody else’s story.”

It’s a story he doesn’t like to tell. He didn’t even tell his own mother right away. Rather, he waited a month before talking to his mom in China about the kidnapping, fearing she would be so worried, she’d pressure him to move home. When he finally did tell her, he made sure to emphasize that he was completely fine.“I told her, ‘Mom, it’s OK, I’m safe now, don’t be worried, because they have those two guys. One is dead and one is (in) custody, so they’re not able to hurt me again. And people here are so nice, so helpful.’’’

He had pulled his car over to send a text message one year ago and then someone started banging on his window.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, holding a gun, forced his way into Danny’s car, accompanied by his brother, Dzhokhar.The Boston bombers took him on a wild ride, saying they were headed to New York, where they planned to ignite more bombs. “I was asking myself, ‘Should I put my life in the hands of the terrorists or should I put my life in the hands of my own self?’”

Danny said in an interview this week with CBS. At a gas station, when Tamerlan briefly lowered his gun while Dzhokhar was paying for fuel, Danny bolted. 

“I don’t feel like a hero,” Danny said. “Because from my opinion, I was just trying to save myself.”Tamerlan was later killed in a shootout with police. Dzhokhar, who was seriously wounded, was arrested after hiding in a residential backyard.

ijust dont get why this is only now having coverage.. 

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  • Plot Twist: All exams got cancelled because the government finally realise that they are actually just marking your memory and not your intelligence and teenagers should be experiencing life and having a good time instead of sat revising bollocks they're not going to use in the future




She was preaching

fucking preah girl

I’m so glad some are self-aware.

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I also added “ALSO, I’m SO SORRY you feel like your RIGHT TO BEAT A WOMAN WHO MAKES YOU MAD is being infringed upon. YOUR MALE TEARS ARE DELICIOUS." but I didn’t screenshot that one because I forgot.

Alexander Karavay.




The actor that played Jahar! He looks alike like Jahar here. Just wanted to share image

This was from his audition for a Lady Gaga video where he was supposed to play John Lennon (his scene was subsequently…

idont like the way they did this documentary at all. 








please put this shit on blast. his twitter name is @swerveodactyl and he’s being a complete asshole when called out on that tweet. His name is Beau Miller, he’s a junior at some high school in Washington state, I couldn’t figure out which but I’m sure you guys can help. Thank you so much!


An update:  Beau Miller posted this on 4/10 at 4:09pm



"or getting flirty eyes from a fat chick" literally die in a fire pLS

This is insulting to every gender.



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More social justice on social media.

I posted a status that read ” ‘slut’ is attacking women for their right to say yes, ‘friendzone’ is attacking women for their right to say no, and ‘bitch’ is attacking women for their right to call you on it”

To me, it’s just hilarious that he ACTUALLY tried to defend his use of these words.


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RIP to the innocent and justice for all.


like there are literally millions of people who suffer from mental illness but can’t access decent care, so every time i see someone go on a tangent about self-diagnosers i want to ask them what they think those people should do instead.

i am dead fucking serious. tell me. what do you recommend they do? because it kinda sounds like you don’t give a fuck, and that makes you an ableist, classist piece of shit.

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