Hooo' lol I don't know you were a chick. Anyways maybe you should figure your feels a bit more, but if the whole "dark colored skin people turn me on" type thing is bothering you then you call it wither you wanna be with her or not. Just weigh out the pros and cons. Does she ask you anything disrespectful like "do you hula along with the coconut bra or do you live in a grass shack" type of thing? Or does she repeat herself with the dark colored turns me on? Is she does then let her go,

Dude I hate this blog of mine now so I never use it. You should kik me!!! PaneBoo is my nameeee!!!




you know what would suck? being at a rave and trying to find your friend called molly

Why would that suck?

protect this sweet child at all costs

She’s just more of a book girl

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I really needed to see this. X

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ellen was on the daily show tonight promoting her new movie, the east. I think I had kinda forgotten about how rad she is. smart, quick witted, hilarious and a total mega babe. signed, longstanding member of the EP fan club :)





Hilarious Scented Candles



These are brilliant.

I got a good laugh out of these.

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Take note: Different forms of intimacy. 

I would feel so bad washing this off, holy shit

You could take a bath afterward with the artist and they can wash it off for you so you don’t feel responsible for their work. But also, it could teach the same kind of patience and concept that nothing lasts forever, similarly to the Tibetan Buddhist sand mandala tradition. And it could be just another step in your process of intimacy. Just a thought. 

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dude, you should come off anon. you seem mad chill lol, we needa be fraaaands,



Shut you up real fast.


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Studies show that women apologize more than men, often for perfectly reasonable acts like, you know, taking up space. 

So watch this Pantene commercial here to inspire you to stop saying sorry for no reason. 

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holyyy shit hahaha, brah i swear if some people heard that theyd give her some dirty likins, cuz that shits annoyed. she can get jumped for saying shit like that around some people… i swear hit haole day needa be everyday sometimes haha. 

hahah yeah exactly. brah, where i live white people already be pulling all type of shit like that. the other day i met this haole ass girl & she said she was born in hawaii, so that makes her hawaiian. like, da fuq brah thats really not how that works….

cuz they fucking stupid lmfao. i went to my “friends” graduation party, & it was hawaiian style *barf* & sense im hawaiian, she kept on telling people i was a prop for the party.